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We have more than 50 Print Editions Books in 13 categories.


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i Think: Economics

Personal Finance - e-book

InspirEd Educators develops instructional units for most K-12 Social Studies content, language arts, skill development, and even robotics! All our content units offer varied, cross-curricular activities to engage all students. An emphasis on critical and creative thinking rather than “correct answers” encourages students to think, explore, and enjoy their learning.


Judicial Branch

Teachers can implement daily lesson plans as provided or easily adapt them. The best part is EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENT! Our goal is for students to come to class enthusiastic about the day’s activities and discussions! One day they play a game, do a simulation another, get to know people through primary sources and personal narratives, participate in debates and discussions, research, write, and so much more! And everything needed for each lesson as described is provided!

American History

The U.S. & W.W.I

Teaching and reinforcing skills is an integral part of all InspirEd units. Daily skill practice demands students interpret varied texts and visual information in graphs, charts, maps, cartoons, photos, and other forms. Students read and write informative, persuasive, and   narrative text, using technology as a daily tool. All activities requires students to think about the content critically and creatively, drawing inference, solving problems, stating and supporting claims, distinguishing facts and opinions, and countless other important and enduring skills!


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We have more than 50 e-books and 50 print editions in 13 categories. You can make purchase in less than 2 minutes. After making a purchase eBook, you can download 2 times within 7 days.