InspirEd Educators publish truly unique, creative, and practical instructional materials. Founded in 2000, our company mission is to provide student-centered and thought-provoking units that are easy-to-use and make learning fun! Our daily emphasis on literacy and skill development make our products perfect for use as supplements or in lieu of textbooks or other traditional approaches.


Sharon Coletti, Primary Author and President
With 27 years teaching experience, most as S.S. department head, Sharon Coletti knew she had “what it takes” to develop materials that are truly helpful. In 2000 she left the classroom to start her publishing company, InspirEd Educators. From the outset her mission was to design instructional materials that are interesting, engaging, thought-provoking, and easy for busy teachers to use. “I loved teaching and would have remained in the classroom,” she explains, “but I honestly believe I can and do make a greater difference for teachers and students through InspirEd Educators than I ever could before.”


Kendra Corr, Primary Author
Kendra Corr taught high school and mentored student teachers for 10 years. Working with a wide range of students from AP to those years below level demanded she create teaching materials to reach EVERY child. Her belief that ALL students are capable of critical thinking and meaningful learning is central to her work with InspirEd. She says “Today’s classroom is more challenging than ever. Kids are harder to reach and teachers have increasingly more on their plates. My mission is to lighten teachers’ load, creating materials that inspire students to be creative problem-solvers.”