Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes InspirEd Educators’ units unique?
A. The best way to explain our model is with “Bloom’s Taxonomy.” In 1956 a team of researchers at the University of Chicago led by Dr. Benjamin Bloom identified six levels of learning, which have proven useful in analyzing and evaluating instruction.


Most educational programs emphasize memorization of facts, devoting most of the remaining instruction to seeing that students understand and can apply what they learn. However, research shows that students retain very little of what is learned at lower levels of thinking. InspirEd activities teach the same content, but then require students to use what they learn to analyze, draw conclusions, problem-solve, and evaluate principles, policies, and actions. Research STRONGLY supports higher-order thinking as a means of DRAMATICALLY increasing students’ retention.

Q. You say the units are “affordable,” but they are about the same price as some other companies’ products. What makes them affordable?
A. Our larger units are reasonably priced, since most of our competitors’ supplements are far more costly. Compared with the textbooks, though, they’re VERY inexpensive! Our new I Think: Thematic Units are only $29.95 each for a minimum of 15 lessons PLUS study guides and differentiated tests. That works out to be more than three weeks worth of planning time saved for under $2 a day!!

Q. Are the units reproducible?
A. All of our print and eBook units are priced PER TEACHER however, the teacher may reproduce the student pages for his/her classroom use. We strive to provide high-quality products that benefit both teachers and students, and we truly appreciate our customers’ respect for our intellectual property.

Q. Do InspirEd units align with state standards?
A. YES! In addition to aligning to the National History Standards, InspirEd products also support the Common Core Standards by infusing content with skills on a daily basis. The states basically adapt the national standards to fit their needs, though what is taught at each grade level may vary. This is why our products are flexible enough to adapt to a range of grade and ability levels.

Q. How do the units allow for differentiation?
A. Our lessons are all open-ended in terms of what is expected of students. Most ask in one form or another, “What do you think, and why?” or demand creative thinking and expression, allowing individuals to “rise to the challenge” as much as possible. For lower-level students, reading in pairs or groups can accommodate. While the lessons are appropriate for all students, assessment is tailored to specific needs. Almost all our products include tests at three levels of difficulty and expectation.

Q. What, if for some reason, I decide to return a unit?
A. Unfortunately, due to the reproducible nature of our materials, we do not accept returns. (We’re sure you understand why!) However we will, of course, replace curriculum binders that may be broken during shipment (which does happen occasionally, despite our efforts to find the most durable brand).