Each InspirEd Common Core Activity Pack provides engaging, thought-provoking activities specifically addressing each Common Core Anchor Standard. Activities focus on reading and writing (with more being added), at the same time reinforcing other ELA Common Core standards and relevant skills.


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Common Core Writing

7304 Activity Pack for Grades 6-8 $24.95 buynow
7305 Activity Pack for Grades 3-5 $24.95 buynow



Leveled Library Sample

What you get

Each Leveled Library consists of at least 40 interesting and appealing titles to extend and enhance students’ depth of knowledge about the topic of study. Collections address varying reading abilities and are labeled by Lexile levels to help students choose books of appropriate text complexity.

Grade levels

Leveled Libraries are available for Primary (K-2) and Upper Elementary (3-5) as well as Middle School. Each collection comes with a FREE CD-ROM valued at over $50. It’s a Common Core Activity Pack with sets of flexible lessons we wrote specifically to help teach the standards!

How to buy

how to buyIn our online store click on the Leveled Library icon below the “I Think” unit it would accompany to see the list of titles* in that particular library.


*Please allow for a 10% substitution on titles due to availability and other publisher issues.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We are currently developing Leveled Libraries for all of our “I Think” units. If you do not see a Leveled Library list for a topic you are interested in, you can order now for delivery within 30 days.